It is ALL You!

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Your soul is asking you to listen very deeply. There is a message that has been repeating… perhaps loudly… possibly in a whisper… it could be via a sign… it may be loud and clear…  Are you going to…

embrace the world outside of you, as you? The easy way out is to judge. It might mean you judge yourself. It might mean you judge what is outside. Either way, that is not serving you or the purpose of the sign. Nor does it solve anything.

You might also say, ‘That is not me.’ That would be escapism. All one can ever attract is their mirror. If it is in front of you, it is you. What does one do then?

Your only job is to use life as a compass. It will always steer you to the next best step of growth, clearing, healing and expression. Life is her in support of you. It is not against you. It is conspiring to assist you in remembering. When you embrace the messages, you will see life change.

Are you listening?… Are you watching?… Are you sensing?…

You are the Light and the Dark… and everything in between. Right now, YOU play a pivotal role in this world. It is reflecting you! Yes… even that thing.. that person…that chaos… is reflecting what you hold inside that is crying out to be recognized, held, loved and supported.

Anything not embraced in self will appear in he world outside of you. Embrace both the Light and the Dark. You might discover something amazing…

In Love, Of Love, With Love, As Love… I AM SMRAN – www.1111mag,com