Your Own Rebirth

Your Own Rebith Simply Awaits The Choice to be Something New… Do you know the patterns, habits, and behaviors that do not serve you? Are there relationships, obligations and circumstances that are holding you back? Have you been in your own way?
     Easter can be regarded as a wonderful religious holiday or it can be the catylist for what it represents symbolically in our own lives. To be reborn or to resurrect means allowing onself to come back renewed. It means that one can be new again, whether in the thoughts they think, the behaviors the have, or who they desire to be. It is a shedding of the old and the awakening of the new.
     So often the focus is focused on the one birth and the one death that we all have in the physical embodiment of a lifetime. In actuality we are born and die many times within life. We are constantly changing and shifting who we were to who we will be. For example, we move from being an infant to being a toddler; one who needs complete care to one who wants to try it on their own. We move from being a child to becoming a teenager, a girl or boy to becoming a woman or a man. In making these changes , the thoughts of who we believed ourselves to be die to new perceptions of who we are born to be.
     In the same vein, we can move from one who does not have courage to one that does. We can move from one who does not speak up to one who allows their light to shine and uses their voice for the greater good; One who is timid and shy to someone who is bold and dynamic.
This simply requires a resurrection of the mind. It requires the death of error thoughts; those thoughts that would keep an individual in the limited thinking of who they thought they were. The only individual that holds you back from your power, voice, purpose, and joy…would be you.  To further clarify that…it would be your ego.
    The ego would have you be limited and small. It needs that to survive. If you stepped fully into your presence, the ego would have no place and thus all illusions would fall to dust revealling only what is truth.
So which are the thoughts you are wishing to put to rest on this day, the beginning of your new life. How are you to resurrect from whence you have come? Use the beauty of stories, history, and religions to lead and guide you into a deeper understanding of yourself. All is possible if you simply…
BELIEVE…Beyond the Illusion!!!
Warmest Regards,
Simran  “Simmi”  Singh