Wish Away!

How do you celebrate your birth days? Yes, ‘days’, as in more than one. Did you know that every New Moon is a birth day in which you get to wish into being? In fact, every new day is, especially when you can keep yourself courageously stepping into the Unknown! Let me give you a ‘birth’ day wish today!      This is New Moon Week… quite a powerful one for anchoring new dreams. But every day can be that if opening to a brand new dream each day. That means:

  1. Letting the past die.
  2. Letting the identity of yesterday go.
  3. Being willing to see yourself and your life outside of your personality.

We were never meant to live ‘Ground Hog Day’ or be on ‘repeat’ We are ever evolving, changing, creative energy; it is our inherent essence, and creation is our Divine birthright. Birth days are moments in time when the Divine manifests as form in order to express its radiance. It’s not just a ritual, year after year; and especially never intended to celebrate the past. It is a celebration of more of the unknown becoming known… an ecstatic dance of the present.
This weekend was my youngest child’s birthday. Happy #5 birth day my sweet Divine Little One. I asked, ‘What shall we create together now?’… ‘Magic’ he replies! His words came out… Excited… Wise, Prophetic… Innocent: ‘Mommy, I want to make magic! Do you know if you place a card in the fire, it will burn up; but if you add water… It will come out whole again? That’s real magic.’ Out of the mouths of babes… It is true.
We are like cards; illusions and holograms. And, we do go through the fire, many times in life. And the water comes, sometimes as floods of tears, but that brings us back into being. It is all for new birth,  ‘Experience’ to experience itself, and for the ‘known’ to once again birth the ‘Unknown’.  Are you smarter than a five year old? Lololol
Sooo… Each and every day… Have the most beautiful, bountiful, blessed birth. The seeds you plant this year shall prosper. This is your year for birthing infinity as you birth into the knowing of the Divine you. Know you are god/goddess walking and that the Divine resides within you. Believe completely in the Beauty, Love and Alchemy that YOU are, and it shall radiate its effect into the world.
You shall be supported. You shall be upheld. Know this truth as you love yourself like never before! Shower that great heart of love upon others that they know their truth as well! Open your arms, your heart, your being and your life to the gifts of Spirit. I Love you. Happy Holy Birth Day Beautiful Sacred One.
Standing beside you as a rebel, friend, lover, catalyst, mentor or guide… Reach out to me in whatever manner you need. Thank you for remaining open. It’s Your Journey to Enlightenment !                    In Love, Of Love, With Love, As Love… I Am SIMRAN
SIMRAN is a catalyst and mentor that supports individuals in recognizing their own personal language with the Universe so that their steps are taken in a more conscious, empowered, loving and enlightened way for self discovery and Divine realization.
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