Where is Your Soul Called?

Life purpose and soul calling are often of great inquiry for many. The soul is called where it is called. In order to fully hear this calling, one must take one important and integral step…
Whole-hearted commitment to self is required. This means shutting out all – yes, ALL – other voices. It asks that you not seek opinions, predictions, or psychics. The reason you may not hear is because there is no space and devotion for deep listening. There is not time for the self… the real self… the deep self — the really deep self.
Value is inherently not in form, but AS experience — as the blessing, as love, as connection and as creation. These things are continually sought after on the outside through form, but the true gifts and grace of them rest within AS experience. This isn’t just fodder for spiritual writings; this is an actuality. And to take that time, requires your committed effort.

  • Are you spending too much energy seeking out a form?
  • Have you inquired how to be that which you seek?
  • Are you answering the call of your soul?
  • Are you calling your soul to the place you want it to go?

We have free will… And, when you realize, that too is an illusion, you will surrender free will for Divine will.. and answer the call. Are your ears ringing? Pick up the call.
In Love & Oneness… Simran
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