The Voice of the Heart

Let your heart lead the way.  The heart is humble and quiet; the mind loud with agendas. The heart knows truth and sees through illusions. The mind wants to make up stories and direct the play… The voice of the heart will be the expression of your deepest core. It will ask you to be bold and creative. It desires you to dance with your dreams and soar into the imaginary. The heart has no boundary or imitation. It is resonance – harmony – dissonance; judging none. In the blending of all, a symphony is born.
Allow the song of your heart to flow. Let the spiritual rebel awaken within and open to its genius. (S)he is like no other, and was never intended to be. This part of you will not settle into numbness or being a copy… it leads by example – individuality – uniqueness – voice. It leads from Love… the Love of itself, and the Love for others.
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