The Gift of Self-Betrayal

     It is easy to look at another and say ‘they did this to me’. When something is done, taken, or an action put forth against you that felt unlike what the relationship stood for… this person is being an angel in disguise.
Little by little, throughout life, every person does small acts of self betrayal. This wounds the self and that is carried internally. When gone unrecognized, the outer world reflects it, so to have you turn inward to see where you went against yourself. The more the self-betrayal, the stronger the inflictions from those outside of you.
      This is not to punish or berate. In fact, this is actually the deepest form of unconditional love that the soul can provide. Because it is doing everything to give ‘you’ back to you. The other is purely playing a role based upon the energetic vibration you are giving off.
     Self betrayal begins as small acts such as lack of self care, or not really saying how you feel about something to go along with another. It is not choosing what your heart wants in order to please someone else. Self betrayal is saying no to your dreams so someone gets what they want… not standing up for what is rightfully yours… or walking away because you don’t desire the fight, even though what you walked away from was meant for you.
     The mind will tell you that you are being kind, humble, the better person or you can go create what you need again. But the child inside feels betrayed by you… treated as if they don’t matter… and as if they are not seen. This is the game of illusion, wrapped up in a series of choices and chances.
     Say and do things, not for the ‘other’, but for yourself, to be genuinely loyal and sacredly loving to even the smallest parts of you. When you put you first (in a heart-centered, grounded and wise way), you put the whole world first.
     What we see in the world today is moreso vast examples of self-betrayal that expresses and appears as acts of violence, dominance and misuse of power. This is the mirror of the misuse of personal power. And, in those moments, even the perpetrator is performing an act of self betrayal in playing that role. We are all mirrors; wheels within wheels of reflections unable to fully remember the Source point of Origin. Take today to be cognizant to follow what your gut requires of you, and no less. In doing so, you begin the return journey back to your authentic center.
In Love…