Spring signifies new birth, unfolding, budding, and renewal. We can take the message from nature as we recognize the sacred feminine aspect of all as receiving energy.
It is time to reawaken the mind, body and spirit through nourishment, giving to oneself, deeply breathing, and taking in of life. Women typically are doers and givers, an excess of their masculine energy expressing itself, resulting in feelings of tiredness, people pleasing, and giving to the point of depleting oneself. It is time to take corrective action, which means overcorrection is necessary to come back into balance. Make a commitment to yourself for the next forty days…regain the magical essence of your feminine goddess…

  1. When you receive a compliment…breathe it in, pause, and say thank you.
  2. When someone wants to do something for you…accept.
  3. When you feel the urge to offer yourself for a task or obligation…don’t.
  4. Buy yourself flowers…once a week; the expensive kind!

You are a goddess…allow yourself to feel, be and honor yourself as one. All you have to do is…
BELIEVE…Beyond the Illusion!!!
Warmest regards,
Simran  “Simmi”  Singh