Sacred Witness

     Every person is Essence; pure and holy. See them as innocent, for we all are.
     There is no bad person… no wrong one… nor is there truly any evil. All are from the same Source; that which is pure. All began the same way; that which is holy and sacred. Every being began as a baby… an infant that only held joy, love, openness and wonder.
     Life takes us all in different directions, showing us both beauty and ugliness. Each step brings experiences of darkness and light that tarnish the way the world is viewed; the way others are seen. How we are taught to see, hear and act determines the world we live in.
     Every individual responds and reacts based on what they believe to be true … how they have been taught the world is … how the mind has been turned to process what is being experienced. Herein lay our great innocence of taking it all in. How could any truly understand what is right or wrong when they simply are living by what they have been taught?
     We must not blame the individual, but instead realize that our perpetuation of the drama, stories and lies tarnishes the minds and hearts of the youngest among us. It is not that we are to be naive, but all must be cognizant of the world ‘they hold in mind, eye and heart.’
     If one sees evil, and believes it to exist, then it must, because perception will not allow any other sight. If one sees the other as foreign, then they will always be different. If one only sees what is wrong, they can never see what’s right. It is time to see the loving Essence in every being; knowing and understanding the truth of who they are. As long as we hold another as wrong, bad, evil, sick or incapable… we hold for them a vision that must unfold, and a prophecy we must experience. We are all responsible, especially when judgment is held.
     See the sick as healed. See the broken as whole. See the bad as good. See the evil as innocent. See the chaos as order. In doing so, you will return your own eyes, heart and mind to an original state of innocence and purity.
     All things first began in mind… that too is where they must find their ending. Each of us has a choice to be the cancer or the cure.
Be witness to how you see, feel, hear and acknowledge… know the part you play in creating the drama. Who were you before ‘you’ were you? Notice how your mind wants to hold onto the idea of the opposite… the bad, the wrong, the evil… Can you let them go?
In Love…