Practicing Self Care

     The most difficult task for any human is a consistent practice toward self care. To put oneself first in ones life will always be the most difficult task. The mind will create many distractions that pull you away from self-care.
     The need to be loved will have you act as a people pleaser, often times partaking in tasks you believe you ‘should’ do. The need to feel worthy will have you give of your time often to places and things to help you feel good enough. The need to be significant will dupe you into believing that a certain status or attainment is your purpose in the world that no other can fulfill.
     Yet each step in any of these staircases removes you further from the center of yourself, and into the outer sphere of projection. This is when tiredness, depletion and lack of fulfillment appears.
     When you choose to be present to your heart and soul callings, instead of the ego or wounded child’s, you find wealth in the little things, the tender moments, the gentle gestures and the sweet nothings. You will discover the richness and beauty of solitude and self-reflection. You will consciously make each moment one that responds to the self with care.
     The love you have now, is not the love you were taught, but one that is not conditional or codependent. In this way, you become an example of inner calm and grounded peace. Give yourself the gift of you.
In Love…