One Life to Live

You arrive with nothing, you leave with nothing; life fills your soul with the gamut of actions, experiences and relationships created. With that history and in understanding how you loved, the soul chooses again…
Whether or not you believe in reincarnation, we do live many lifetimes even with this one. Our experience is a fractilization; ever expanding outward while also distilling us down to nothing-ness.
A flower buds and opens, awakens to the sun, breathes in the light. and then sloughs off what has unfolded… only to get still, and begin again. We are here to do the same. The more easily we allow the sloughing off, the greater the number of experiences we awake to in this one life we have to live.
Just as a flower lets go of the petals it bore… release all that you have borne. What I know… is what is freely released, returns again in an even more beautiful, colorful and expanded way. From one flowering, you will discover many.
Theme: Strength & Perseverance – Strength that was once external, becomes internal faith through vulnerability. Preference that was once the warrior on the outside, now becomes a deep sense of trust within through intimacy.

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