Inquire and Awaken

Where would you have me go… What would you have me do… And, How? These are powerful questions that sometimes have the simplest of answers. Let me provide some insight from the Universe… Whether embarking on a New Dream, feeling completely lost in a new Unknown, or fully engaged in a Clear Vision… there are specific steps for outer answers. As much as we attempt to “go” out into the world, “do”, or find the “technique, path or tool”… all roads lead back HOME.
The senses will trick us into to going further outside. The eyes continually seek. The ears pick up noise. The hands grasp. The feet move. The nose sniffs out a variety of options. However, that is the illusion. There really is no ‘out there’. The real world exists within. How much time do you spend in reality?  How much time is spent in the illusion? Do you know the difference?
Every moment beckons a deeper connection and intimacy to the inside. Discover how connected your life is to your inner world… to your ‘Conversations With The Universe‘ (the subject of my first book). In order to do so, I utilized a beautiful card deck by my soul sister Sundara Fawn. Allow these questions, cards and answers to guide your next steps…

  • Where would you have me go?
  • What would you have me do?
  • How would you have me serve?


  • Where would you have me go? … GRATITUDE
  • What would you have me do? … DREAMS
  • How would you have me serve? … TRANSFORMATION

    Every mission, vision and action in the world need only be grounded in GRATITUDE for ‘what is’. We must be able to accept, hold reverence and deepen understanding for what appears. This gratitude allows the energy to loosen so that the ‘inner doorway’ of possibility may open. Your mind does not know all that is possible, but gratitude will show it to you. You need only GO TO GRATITUDE!
In order to experience the expansion into the allness that you are, time and space to DREAM is a must. The Universe desires to grant your every desire, but does not want you to push, exert, force or work for it. You have more power than you think. Dream everything into awakening. Not taking the time to dream is living by default. Open your mind, expand your heart, and DO DREAM!
The ‘How’ is always the burning question for so many. That is why it is the ‘FIRE’ of TRANSFORMATION that creates the way. Your willingness to continually inquire, partake in the inner-work and transform allows the outer manifestations to rise. To serve the world, you need only SERVE YOUR SOUL!
SIMRAN is a catalyst and mentor that supports individuals in recognizing their own personal language with the Universe so that their steps are taken in a more conscious, empowered, loving and enlightened way for self discovery and Divine realization.
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