Hiding in Plain Sight

     What is appearing in your life? It has to do with two things: Your degree of trust and your creation. The degree you trust life and the Universe, you trust others and the self determines your creation, how you handle your creation and how creation handles you…
     Many years ago, I had to be radically honest with myself and face the fact that I did not trust life or anything/anyone in life? Most of us do not. Just look at how we behave in the world: the guardedness/protection mechanisms we have, the degree of isolation we step into when experiencing challenge and/or the level of self-awareness we are willing to have. 
     As I more consciously dove into my journey of self-realization years ago, I knew that my life looked the way it did because of what I carried internally…  However, what I consciously knew about me did not equate with what was going on externally. That is when I decided I really had work to do. What I did not know was unconscious, ‘hidden’ from me for the purposes of discovery. Yet, the beauty is that it was in plain sight. 
Trust that what is appearing is to help you see ‘what is hiding in plain sight.’
In Love, Of Love, With Love, As Love
Simran –