Hearing THE VOICE Call…

     From deep within a voice has always been calling. Its sound echoes of dreams and desires that somewhere in my depths I know to be truth. It is the willingness to allow and continually open to greater experiences of being. It is the seizing of opportunity to become one with the whole, to usher the isolated song into the chorus of humanity’s highest intentions.

It is a sound that lets me know I co-create and am allowed all that I desire because my Creator adores me. It is the echo that tells the same truth for all others as well they need only desire, feel and believe it. The tones tell me that every occasion and situation is always in my highest good because it brings to me the greatest experience of me and in doing so allows me to know and remember. It is the breath known as life that shows me I am only being expressed through and simply need to allow the wind to course through me in a way that allows paths to flow.

     The voice sometimes echoes from the very depths of the soul. At other times it resonates with the murmurings of the heart. At all times, it flows into the crown of our heads allowing for inspiration, love, truth, and deservedness to draping just beneath the edges of our resistance, negative self-talk, and disempowering core values. The voice perhaps resembles one’s own, could have a deep resounding base tone or perhaps is simply a knowing a feeling a connection that we only have to recognize. 

    To hear, we have just to be open listening and disciplined in our believing. Belief is the key element to the connection of all things. It will keep us at a distance or so close that we do not know what it is to be separate. In fact, we are so intimately connected to our Source that even our dysfunction is granted as a wish if our very depths are anchored in those beliefs. For so many, belief in separateness, unworthiness, and lack of holiness hangs as a veil of deception; a filmy muslin ready to fall away if we only allow our mind’s grip to loosen. 

     What would it be like to hear the Source of all things? What may it feel like? How would one live having that experience? I would venture to guess there would be endless expression of love, creativity, unity and trust. Life would be lived with a sense of adventure. Experiences would be taken on with boldness and confidence. All things would be approached from a consciousness of abundance and support. The delineation between you and I would no longer be because only love could be seen.

    It is fair to say that we are living at the best time of our planet’s history. We have truly created a scenario that allows us to know the power that exists within each one of us. Every human being is receiving constant experiences to support them in learning how to be their own inspiration. Social, political and environmental  circumstances are presenting opportunities to view separation so that we may experience love as an all knowing teacher, healer, and miracle as it expresses in, as, and through each one of us. As far apart as we believe ourselves to be, our world is bringing us closer and closer. The voice is calling and it is being heard from the outside, the inside and all sides because it is ALL things. Have you been still enough to listen?

All you have to do is…

BELIEVE…Beyond the Illusion!!!

Warmest regards,

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