Heads or Tails…

Remember the coin toss… Heads or Tails? How often do you do that in your experiences? Your relationships? In particular, your emotions? When you choose ‘Heads or Tails’, where is the rest of your body, and your spirit?
I deeply appreciate the many responses to my last newsletter. They were kind, loving and embracing… and I shall respond to each one of you. So many of you have been through the fire, though the dark and challenging places, and some have been into the void of nothingness… I have discovered several things through my experiences the past year and a half:

  • Heartbreak is a process of heart opening, deeper than anyone can imagine if willing to dive into the extreme depths of it.
  • Typical reactions to deep pain are ‘heads or tails’. We want to ‘make sense of it’ or ‘quickly rationalize it back to our roots’, often without further exploration.
  • We are being asked to be in the body with it, which is not just being in our heads or grounding with our tails, but everything in between.
  • Most people will not be able to handle the pain someone else experiences. They want to fix it, ignore it, or deny it; rather than just being with it or the person.
  • Ones who can be with and hold space for the pain, without judging the experience, can only do so because they are comfortable at looking at and being with their own layers of pain.
  • The experiences that we truly let ourselves feel, open us up to higher dimensions and deeper doorways.
  • Letting go of identities and forms awakens individuals to the Divine Essence that they are. It is not intellectual, it becomes embodied in every cell as being.

In order to truly serve humanity, we must be willing to serve our own humanity. 11:11 is known to be a gateway. It has been mistakenly believed to be simply a gateway to connection with angelic beings and the Universe. It, in fact, is a prompt to ‘knowing you are Divinity to be expressed NOW’. There is no time now for preparation, for training, for seeking. That is all child’s play and dress up; Now is the moment that you understand you are ‘the mind, heart, hands, feet and Essence of all that is Divine… But to do that, you must be willing to step into the void. That was the reason behind writing Your Journey to Love.
I know the void very well. I know what it asks of us. I know the juiciness of emotion. I know how to feel it and to immerse in it, in order to move through it and master it. I know what it means to wait. Just consider it all CE… yes, Continuing Education… but more so, Conscious Emotionality. Master the degree of your emotions. In order to do so, you have to follow the course to completion.
Standing beside you as a friend, lover, catalyst, mentor or guide… Reach out to me in whatever manner you need. Thank you for remaining open. It is all… Your Journey to Love. In Love, Of Love, With Love, As Love…                             I Am SIMRAN
SIMRAN is a catalyst and mentor that supports individuals in recognizing their own personal language with the Universe so that their steps are taken in a more conscious, empowered, loving and enlightened way for self discovery and Divine realization.
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