False Evidence Appearing Real…F.E.A.R.

The highest density of fear exists in the US, particularly in the South, as written in Time Magazine and Newsweek. I have been able to experience the strength of the human spirit, the methods in which we fall into fear, and how people often lead themselves into places of negativity and discourse rather than positivity and openness. This story mirrors what individuals are experiencing with the economy, gas prices, and the banking industry.  

     I began a company one year ago for the purposes of helping people move through pain and discover their empowerment and authenticity, BelieveSC.com and 11:11 magazine. However, some individuals have been attaching religion to it, allowing themselves to feel threatened, or assuming they have to defend/choose sides.

     Perhaps it is a misunderstanding between what ‘spirituality’ and ‘religion’ are. It may be that the persona of an Indian woman, and an assumption that religion must be a part of it, instead of viewing ‘a person’ working toward the peace and growth of humanity. Perhaps the fear of listening, reading, or learning about something foreign is perceived as the betrayal of one’s own idea of self. Or, it could be that we have become a society so used to seeing through the lens of fear, False Evidence Appearing Real, that everything becomes clouded by the filter of negative expectation and distrust. 

     BelieveSC/11:11 is not a place intent on changing, converting, or corrupting anyone. Its primary purpose is to introduce and educate individuals to all that is available so that people become more empowered and choose consciously what they want and do not want in their lives. Organizations such as Believe exist all over the country promoting health and well being. Some examples are Omega Institute, The Crossings, and The Chopra Center. There is much pain in the world and until we as human ‘beings’ realize that we are the cause of our own fear and suffering, it can not end. Fear and suffering stem from self created limitation, negativity, and views of lack.

    The same argument holds true for what is going on in the
US economy. Is running to the bank, pulling out cash and stuffing it in a mattress going to support this nations banking system? Would such an action send a country into a depression of course! We can become our own worst ‘terrorist’ if consumed by the fear-instigating messages bombarding the airwaves. If people choose to buy into the bandwagon of fear, then we will create the situations the media is propagating. Bad news sells. Drama creates conversation. What is going on right now is a society caught up in its drama. What would happen if this country closed their ears to the fear inducing media blasts? Who would we be? 

    Another way to view the economic situation is from a place of opportunity. Do you need a new car? This is the time to get a great deal. Have you wanted to move or invest? Look at the business potential and capital gains benefits at this time. See the ability for this country to learn new methods of conservation, spend more time outside, being still, or coming up with alternative fuel options by the gas situation.

    There is a gift in each situation that arises. When we choose to react, rather than respond, we create more of a crisis than what actually exists. Do you see someone, something, or a situation and react without clear vision, educated contemplation, or by spinning into FEAR, Fear Evidence Appearing Real? Perhaps what is going on outside is simply an opportunity to turn inward and see what is really occurring on the inside. All you have to do is…

BELIEVE…Beyond the Illusion!!!


Warmest respectful regards,

Simran Singh

BelieveSC.com & 11:11 Magazine