An Expression of Love and Light

     There is only Love and Light that exists… Every single thing that is in your life is an expression of Love and Light… Yes even the hard, painful and challenging. Everything is Light and Love or varying distortions of that Light and Love… Here to reveal itself. And as you become aware of the distortions, bringing higher levels of your Light and Love to it, you reveal your True Self…      Close your eyes… Imagine an object of your love. Focus into your heart and allow that feeling to be magnified. Take yourself to a special moment and bask in it. Notice the sensation in your heart increase. Send them love and gratitude. They are the being that showed up to allow you to know love but in actuality it is you feeling love for the Self… There is only one of us here. All things are for that one to know its Oneness.
     Open your heart and open your mind to a new way of being… A manner which would change the structures, behaviors and paradigms of your household, workspace, community and world. What can you create differently that supports allowing instead of willing? Playing instead of toiling?
     For us to have a new way… we must be a new way. But… that new way is something in our memory, steeped in our cells and it is a self-initiated awakening. My second book has just released. It is a different kind of book… it is alive and an enlivened experience. It will awaken a memory within you, long forgotten… long suppressed… perhaps gone unrealized. 
In Love, Of Love,With Love, As Love…