Mentoring – Individual Session


Mentor with a Master of change, emotional health, manifestation and presence. Are you looking to take your life and your personal growth to a new level? Simran’s sessions can focus on personal life, creative expression, business growth, relationships, self love or life purpose. Everything is connected. Single session via phone, Skype or zoom.



A Single Session is 75 minutes. A follow up checkin via email is also provided for any additional clarity or accountability. It is focused on your specific issue at hand. Areas may cover personal life, work, relationships, healing or creative ventures and will go into the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual attributes of the issue. A Single Session may or may not clear the issue, but will provide appropriate pointing  for awareness and release on one or more levels. For true healing and integration toward deepening life change, the 10-Session Pack or One-Year Program are recommended. Sessions conducted via Phone, Skype or Zoom.