Signs & Symbols Decoding Session


Do you wonder why certain things are occurring in your life? Are you experiencing certain things repeatedly? Wonder what your dreams are attempting to tell you? Describe the details of what is happening in your world via email, noting any specific, signs, symbols or circumstances you are particularly aware of. If there is a problem, health issue or challenge in your life, mention it. Simran will respond vial email with an in-depth insight as to how all of your life is speaking to you. For a mentoring in-person/on-phone experience, see other Mentoring options.



Life is always speaking to you. You are not on a journey; you are the journey. Every step of the way, you are being guided. Life is in partnership with you… every single aspect of life. Based on the concepts shared in the National and International Gold Award-winning book, ‘Conversations With the Universe’, Simran assists individuals in learning how to not only decode their signs and symbols, but also begin to discern their own language with the Universe.

Upon purchase, you will submit your query via email to Speak to as much of your life, issue or conditions as you desire. Everything is connected and a part fo the many paragraphs the Universe is speaking. Simran will respond to your query within 7-14 days with insight and guidance that has come to her, while also letting you know the specific signs that were most relevant in the interpretation.