Gain clarity. Be Empowered. 6-Month/Module Online Portal Course: virtual mentoring with SIMRAN including meditations, audios, lessons and integrative worksheets.



Becoming Present to a New Vision of Aliveness Through Living, Being and Knowing with Greater Clarity

  • Create a New or Expanded Vision for Your Life. ¥ Ground in techniques for Living – Being – Knowing with greater clarity.
  • Reconnect with your body and intuition. ¥ Live more authentically. ¥ Open to a greater experience and expression of who you are.
  • The Be-YOU-To-Fullness Course has: ¥ Guiding Lesson Plans & Accountability Reminders (Email/PDF)
  • 6 Mid-Month Focus and Adjunct Video Lessons (Email) ¥ 6 Conscious Living Lessons (PDF)
  • 6 Conscious Living Integration Pages (PDF)
  • 6 Audio Lessons (Mp3s)
  • 3 Meditations Centered on Living – Being – Knowing (MP3s)
  • Private Member Portal