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Men - 10 Pk

Mentoring – Pack of 10 Sessions

Awaken Your Higher Mind. Master Your Emotional Body. Experience Your Creative Essence. Empower & Know Your Divine Presence.
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Single Session

Mentoring Single Session

For seeking clarity and understanding of a particular issue or event... or for gaining insight into who you are in relation to what is occurring...
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Men - 1 Year

MENTORING – Year Sessions

1 Year Deep Mentoring: 55 minute sessions every other week for a total of 27 sessions.
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LIFE Conversations With The Universe: Signs & Symbols Session

Do you wonder why certain things are occurring in your life? Are you experiencing certain things repeatedly? Wonder what your dreams are attempting to tell you? Describe the details of what is happening in your world, noting any specific, signs, symbols or circumstances you are particularly aware of. In addition, if there is a problem that has been of significant challenge in your life, mention it. This session is virtual. You will describe your situation and Simran will respond vial email with insight into it. For a more detailed in-person experience, book a a 10 pack or Year mentoring, if desiring to learn how to read your signs and conversations with the universe. Upon purchase, you will be prompted with how to proceed in a separate email.
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