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Journey of the Soul Meditations

A COLLECTION OF MEDITATIONS How is Your Heart? Is it fully open to receive? Open the Doorway to the Heart and invite life Step into the sacred embers that allow deeper committed love Awaken the ability to receive abundantly The key to all that you desire rests in the opening the door to the heart space. The more you open and step fully into heart-centered awareness, the greater degree you allow life to support you in love, relationships, wealth, health and success… Is it time to Journey to the Center of your Soul?
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Conversations of Oneness

A GUIDED MEDITATION CD Are you ready to hold a consciousness that is bathed in the highest frequency... In Love, Of Love, With Love, As Love… Be in the frequency of Love, Courage & Commitment. Invite greater awareness to your ‘Conversations With The Universe,… Your Oneness. This powerful meditation imparts within your being the essence that you are while additionally offering the healing and sacred sound work of Barry Goldstein. Breathe in Love, Of Love, Wit Love, As Love in each inhale and exhale and all the spaces between.
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The Simran Singh Gift Collection

The Simran Singh Gift Collection contains: Conversations with the Universe Your Journey to Enlightenment Your Journey to Love Your Little Bites 5-Book Bundle Breathe & Believe Mediations CD Conversations of Oneness Mediation CD Journey of the Soul Meditation CD A Simran Shawl 11:11 In Love Wrist Bands
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Breathe & Believe Meditations

Meditations for Relaxation and Centering the Mind Remember how to breathe again. Center into the body and ground your energy. Release tension, tightness and stress.
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