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Your Journey To Love

Discover the Path to Your Soul's True Mate... a journey of deep self love and integration of the light and  shadow self. As you discover how you have been locked into an identity, you become  available to return to the true self. A book about the depths of true and unconditional love that has always been present.
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The Simran Book, CD and Accessory Collection

Enjoy Simran's 3 award-winning books, 5-book quotes collection and 3 CDs, plus an organic cotton shawl and 'In Love' bands for an incredible value. Purchased individually would cost $195, but bundled together... receive a savings of $66. The Simran Singh Gift Collection contains: (1) Conversations with the Universe (2) Your Journey to Enlightenment (3) Your Journey to Love (4) Little Bites on Mindset Daily Inspiration (5) Little Bites on Feeling Heart Daily Inspiration (6) Little Bites on Relationships Daily Inspiration (7) Little Bites on Creating Reality Daily Inspiration (8) Little Bites on Lifting Veils Daily Inspiration (9) Breathe & Believe Meditation CD (10) Conversations of Oneness Meditation CD (11) Journey of the Soul Meditation CD (12) An 'Open Heart' Organic Shawl (13) 11:11 In Love Wrist Bands. A $195.oo dollar value for $99.00
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Book Bundle

The Award-Winning Book Trilogy

Three award-winning books; Simran shares a soulful Master course in Personal Growth and Development for any individual seeking to deepen their self-awareness, love, purpose and universal connection. The collection includes 'Conversations With the Universe', 'Your Journey to Enlightenment', and 'Your Journey to Love'. Individually priced at $17 each, buy all three with a savings of $11.
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