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Your Journey To Enlightenment

Twelve Guiding Principles to Connect With Love, Courage, and Commitment in the New Dawn Discover how to live life boldly, with aliveness! Transform a life of conformity into an experience of living courageously! Experience the invitation to bonding with life and all that surrounds you! Reclaim your ability to play, dream, and imagine; awakening the senses into creating a new reality! Move from experiences of limitation and servitude into expansion, service and innocence! Live awake, as a magnetizing force, in personal and global expansion!
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Conversations With The Universe

Conversations With the Universe… Learn five questions for every moment that will engage this conversation, setting a foundation for 'knowing'. Discover the components of Universal language and how it always addresses life's BIG and not-so-big questions. Recognize challenging obstacles and painful experiences as powerful answers in moving toward life purpose. Discover the seventh sense and its necessity within us for awakening. Understand the conversation the world is constantly having with you about you as you for you! *Available in Polish and Portuguese on Amazon.
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Your Journey To Love

Discover the Path to Your Soul's True Mate Discover and embrace the full bandwidth of Light that is within you. Understand how fairy tales and myths have controlled creating your life. Master the mental and emotional bodies, bridging the physical and nonphysical. Discover the twelve sacred trinities from Light to form, and back again. Discover the real Lover and Beloved; the Light and Dark within you. See how Sacred Marriage and Mystical Divorce lead to true love inside and outside.
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The Simran Singh Gift Collection

The Simran Singh Gift Collection contains: Conversations with the Universe Your Journey to Enlightenment Your Journey to Love Your Little Bites 5-Book Bundle Breathe & Believe Mediations CD Conversations of Oneness Mediation CD Journey of the Soul Meditation CD A Simran Shawl 11:11 In Love Wrist Bands
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