Yearly Mentoring


Whether you are creating a vision, writing a book, producing a product or growing yourself spiritually, energetically, personally and vocationally… A Yearly renewing Mentoring relationship offers stability, empowerment and ongoing growth in both the direction of your soul and the expression of your identity. Sessions provides an ability to ground, root and have a continued mentoring for consistent involution, evolution and expansion. The sessions focuses upon where you most desire to grow, shift and create, in addition to the deeper spiritual reasons we all incarnate. Discussions will explore the realms of spirituality, metaphysics and relationships while offering continual support in merging the many aspects of soul, light and personhood.

This engages a soul roadmap for how to get where you desire to go and checkins to take the action steps to achieve your goals. Deepening into your energetics, mindset, feeling an intuitional aspects are a beautiful and rich part of this interaction. Always focused on your specific direction, areas could focus upon creative endeavors, business matters, personal life, relationships, work, healing or personal voice and expression.

Mentoring Sessions are alternating week sessions and additional presence when required for inquiry, guidance and assistance. Emergency sessions, follow up and checkins are also offered for support. Sessions conducted via Phone, Skype or Zoom.