I am no stranger to the mountains and the valleys, the cliffs, drop offs or flights of fancy. In this amazing fairy tale called life, none of us are. We each begin with ‘Once upon a time…’ and the dream is to live ‘Happily Ever After!’ It is what appears in between that can be the zinger at times… 
But regardless whether spells have been cast or an evil sorcerer arises from the woods, the signs and symbols – ‘Conversations With the Universe’ – lead each one of us through an amazing adventure to remember our Light. And… how amazingly brilliant that Light shinesI
Just this morning, as I was contemplating some new creations, I passed a car with license plate 777 (meaning use your wisdom to help others and expect miracles to occur), a truck with ‘SourceLink’ written across the back trailer, and then… a billboard that said ‘You go girl!’ I love how the Universe continually gives me a wink, a tap and a thumbs up!
You might take for granted that you really are supported and can truly trust. Many get caught up in their heads or the busyness of life. Is it all made up? Is it ‘woo woo’? If you are just too logical, serious and practical to believe the Universe can actually speak to you, about you… then chalk it up to a way of maintaining a positive attitude. Either way, YOU are creating your reality!

  • Do you miss the signs in front of you?
  • When you see signs, do you leap or go into your ’not self’?
  • Do you know what to let go of, and what to embrace?
  • Are you holding back, continually waiting for one more sign?

Well, I am here to tell you to PAY ATTENTION !!! There is much magic and many miracles to open to, especially this year!

  • Are you Watching?
  • Are you Listening?
  • Are you Sensing?
  • Are you Feeling?

The World is speaking to you… You are the Journey! 
NOW is the time to step into a new world experience of aliveness!
Wanna play with me? Here we go!
Wheeeeeeee !!!!!
SIMRAN is a catalyst and mentor that supports individuals in recognizing their own personal language with the Universe so that their steps are taken in a more conscious, empowered, loving and enlightened way for self discovery and Divine realization.
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