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SIMRAN SINGH, author of IPA International Gold ‘Best New Age Book’ & IPPY Gold Award ‘Best Mind-Body-Spirit Book’ for ‘Conversations With The Universe’ in addition to several other internationally published books. Simran is also publisher of award-winning 11:11 Magazine and Host of 11:11 Talk Radio. SIMRAN’s mission is to awaken individuals to the beauty as life, organically living.

“I assist individuals in focusing on fulfilling the dreams of their soul, while experiencing and expressing the infinite possibility of their identity. In bridging the gap between humanity and holiness, all wishes can come true.”


Your Journey to Enlightenment

IPPY Gold Award winning author, Simran, creates books that touch the heart, speak to the soul and awaken inner truth.

Conversations with the Universe

Guided meditations using sacred sounds and high vibe music for a deepened experience of self.

Your Journey To Love by Simran

COMING SOON! Enjoy guided meditations with Simran which you may download instantly.

11:11 Magazine

COMING SOON! Enjoy some of Simran’s best works in an Audio/PDF/Video format in your own Private Mentoring Portal. Expand your mind, and open your heart, with stimulating lessons, intentions and guided meditations.

Virtual Mentoring

Monthly Mentoring that raises conscious awareness, inspired action and increased levels of vibration through imagery, lessons, audios, videos and intentions. For individuals desiring to potently and powerful create infinite possibility.

11:11 Talk Radio

1-on-1 Private Mentoring with Simran. Accelerate your self-realization and outer manifestation in relationship, career and creativity through laser focused mentoring on your dreams and desires.

Evolve Art

Soulful art from the heart that heals, energizes and stimulates inquiry within.

11:11 Talk Radio

30 Days of Awakening sacred steps into the heart are Simran’s FREE gift to you, along with 11:11 Talk Radio weekly interviews and Newsletter Inspirations.

11:11 Magazine

Nautilus Award Winning Collections of timeless wisdom, inspiration and knowledge.